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How to fit stair nosings

with EVO-STICK stick like adhesvie

You will need

  • EVO-STICK Sticks Like Adhesive
  • Cartidge gun
  • Tape measure
  • Cleaning materials


  1. Prepare the step edge surface to ensure that the substrate is sound, clean and free of contaminents or loose material. Wiping will help clean the surface and speed up the cure process. Check the nosing with fit before applying the adhesive.
  2. Apply the adhesive to the underside of the profile in a 5mm wide bead beginning 5mm in from the outer edge of the profile. Apply the next 5mm bead of adhesive approximately down the middle of the profile (see fig. 1) For double channel nosing see fig. 2 and for castellated nosing see fig.3

  3. Place the profile so that the leading edge is overlapping the edge of the step by 5mm and press down firmly whilst sliding the profil into place. Press down firmly on the profile to ensure a full bond.  Allow 30minutes and check before opening the stairwell to traffic.

IMPORTANT: The adhesive shoudl be applied in a straght line as directed above.  Do not use on Bitumen or Asphalt substrates.


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