Covid-19 Announcement

Like all business we are having to work very differently during the COVID-19 pandemic. The well-being of our staff and other partners is of paramount concern and we are working within the government guidelines to keep everyone safe, as such, our resource levels are currently reduced.

We are still open for business to help support our customers and are able to dispatch both stairnosings and carpet orders.

Please get in contact if we can be of any assistance, you can contact us on the office line: 01453 821800, mob: 07715 044132 or via email at, and most importantly stay safe.


Environmental Policy

The company has recognised legislative and planning pressures, customer concerns and public opinion regarding impacts on the environment. This policy has been produced to act as a basis for an ongoing environmental improvement programme and environmental management system. To this end Marlings Limited has adopted a positive policy to promote an everyday commitment to protect the environment, and will contribute time and effort both in management and technical resource to the reduction and possible elimination of environmental impacts likely to emanate from the company’s activities.

We are committed to:

  • Reduce waste and minimise the consumption of resources (materials, fuel and energy) by adopting improved operating practices
  • Whenever possible, the recycling of materials
  • Ensure all waste and effluent is disposed of in a safe and responsible manner
  • Consider environmental criteria during manufacturing and purchasing processes
  • Comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations
  • Minimise the environmental impacts of new developments and products
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