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Installation of stair nosings.

  1. Ensure that the stair surface is level and flat.
  2. Select the most suitable cartridge adhesive for interior/exterior usage.
  3. Ensure stairs are clean and free of debris, dust, grease and oil.
  4. Check the stair is dry and free from dampness
  5. Select the nosing carrier and check for the correct fit on the required stair.
  6. Do not apply the insert material at this stage.
  7. Carefully mark through the drill holes, ensuring that the nosing is tight against the riser, carpet or vinyl.
  8. Remove nosing from the stair, and drill and plug the tread ready for installation.
  9. Apply the adhesive to the underside of the nosing and replace on the step.
  10. Remove the nosing and allow the adhesive to cure for the recommended time.
  11. Replace and refit the nosing carrier to the stair tread, and screw down firmly.
  12. Ensure that the screws are flush to avoid “show through” on the insert material.
  13. Peel back the double sided tape, ensuring no dust or fibre is allowed onto the surface.
  14. Place insert material (smooth side down) into the channel from both ends and smooth into the middle of the profile.

Installation of welded angles forming finishing detail to stair edges.

All welded angles should be cut to size before application to the stair.

  • Offer up the welded angle to the stair edge, measure and cut to size.
  • Carefully mark the back edge to the correct angle and cut.
  • File down any sharp edges.
  • Apply the welded angle to the stair edge using the approved cartridge adhesive.
  • Allow to set.

For further information or trouble shooting advice, contact your regional representative. Alternatively, call the Treads hotline on 01453 828444.

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